Upgrade. Remodel. Relax - Service Desk 8.3.1 is available now.

Keeping current matters! Upgrading to ZENworks Service Desk (ZSD) 8.3.0 and following it up with version 8.3.1 will provide you all latest enhancements, new features, and improved integration capabilities, along with the highest level of security in place. More intuitive than ever, the new ZENworks Service Desk 8.3.1 comes with many advantages. We pulled out these highlights: - New Token Authentication: for incoming and outgoing server configurations, using OAuth and MSModern Authentication - Now available: ability to connect to user resources in the cloud via the Azure AD infrastructure - Modernized Knowledge Base documents: Quickly create, modify, and locate solutions. - New delegate roles: No request resolution delays! - Advanced item search: Enable dynamic search through item categories and types. We’ve carefully selected the below resources to help you start planning your Service Desk upgrade today!