Technology, user experience and requirements are all evolving. Is your service management?

‣ Would your organization's service management benefit from embedded AI and machine learning? ‣ Do your users expect a consumer-like service experience? ‣ Would a customization-free solution make life easier for IT and keep TCO low? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it’s time to take advantage of modern service management capabilities with OpenText SMAX. Transitioning your Service Manager solution to SMAX is easier, faster, less expensive and safer than re-implementing a new solution. OpenText can support you with guides, best practices, and service offerings. Make the move to SMAX and simplify the work for your agents, the cost for the business, and the experience for employees. Explore the following information to better understand the evolution journey, the value of SMAX, how other customers have successfully evolved, and the offerings we have to support you along the way.