Safer. Smarter. Better Archiving with Retain Unified Archiving 23.4

Your data is one of your most valuable assets. That’s why you need the latest version of OpenText™ Retain, your unified archiving solution. There are many reasons to upgrade Retain Unified Archiving. Here are the top three: 1. Risk - Deprecated libraries and security vulnerabilities are patched out in the latest version. 2. Ease of upgrading - Avoid time-consuming upgrades in the future by staying current with the latest version. 3. New features – Focused in these top two areas: - Indexer Improvement: Retain 23.4 has an upgraded high-performance indexer. SOLR 9 is up to date, supported for long term, and is improved from SOLR 8. We recommend moving here as soon as possible. - Security: From connections from users, to databases, to certificate management, to OAuth for Microsoft 365 users, we have made significant security enhancements to Retain. As you can see, we are dedicated to continuously releasing quality retention software. Curious? Visit our resource page below for everything you need to start your upgrade to Retain Unified Archiving 23.4.