COBOL is here to stay. Make sure it’s part of your strategy.

OpenText™ Micro Focus™ Visual COBOL™ applications remain the backbone of Enterprise IT, businesses need to be confident that these applications are secure, that they can support their IT infrastructure strategy, and that their workforce has the skills to maintain them. But, with end-of-life events now affecting many UNIX systems and the drive towards commodity IT platforms and the cloud, pressure is mounting to ensure that COBOL applications don’t become the weakest link in the business. So, what’s your next move? Delay is not a strategy. Now is the time to lay the foundation for the next era in your COBOL application strategy. - Move up to Visual COBOL. - Take advantage of commodity (x86) hardware and give your team the tools it needs to maintain critical COBOL systems. - Explore what’s possible—including the latest features, product offerings, support, service offerings, and much more. - Hear from your peers as they share their success stories. Visit our resource page below for everything you need to plan your upgrade today.