Modernize Your Enterprise Content Management. The New Content Manager 10.1.

Building off 30+ years of innovation in the content management space, Content Manager 10.1 boasts an impressive list of features and capabilities that are well worth an upgrade from an older version. With an active maintenance support contract, you can upgrade today to leverage the latest innovations. In addition to getting the latest security enhancements, Content Manager 10.1 will modernize your content management approach with these new features: • New mobile app. • Grid view for easier navigation • Microsoft Teams integration • Secure outsourcing with Content Manager Cloud, as a SaaS model Tired of managing your own upgrade? Well, why not consider upgrading your entire enterprise content management strategy to the cloud with the new Content Manager Cloud and let the professionals at Micro Focus handle the upgrade details for you? Ready to get your upgrade started? Check out all the features of Content Manager 10.1 below and contact us if you have any questions.