Work anywhere, on any platform with OpenText Hybrid Workspaces 23.11

OpenText™ Hybrid Workspaces is a powerful system that allows users to work from anywhere even if the application is not installed locally. Today’s workers need secure access upholding privacy regulations and Hybrid Workspaces can allow access to resources securely without dependency on device, operating system, or location - locally or remote. Those resources might be access to secure health files, launching internal human relations applications, all while maintaining data security with application mapping to network drives or Cloud storage Besides keeping your system stable with the latest fixes and with that maximizing your investments, let’s explore some of the latest features in Hybrid Workspaces: · Storage Connections can now be created globally by administrators, allowing to access shared files with no additional setup. · Workspace Storage Scopes create customizable, per-workspace views into storage provider connections. · Accepted Tenants restricts multi-tenant single sign-on (SSO) to a fixed set of tenants. · External Database Connections: servers from different cloud infrastructures or tenants within the same cloud infrastructure can join a Turbo Server Domain. · Concurrent Session Limit setting restricts the number of remote sessions that a user can run concurrently. Our dedicated resource page below offers everything in one handy place.