Micro Focus Realize 2020
Sponsor Showcase

Welcome to the Digitus InMailX Sponsor Showcase

InMailX empowers users with efficient tools and functionality that improve compliance, prevent data breaches, and enable users to work more productively with Content Manager. InMailX provides a simple and intuitive Outlook client for Content Manager, enabling users to work with their containers, emails, documents, records, actions, and workflows from their familiar Outlook interface. Emails are saved directly into Content Manager, with metadata and naming conventions applied in one simple process. In addition, InMailX can improve email data privacy and prevent email data breaches by prompting users to check and confirm that all email recipients are correct before sending, and also by enabling users to remove confidential meta data from attachments, convert attachments to PDF and password protect attachments 'on -the-fly'. For more Information visit our Virtual Sponsor Showcase or www.lnmailx .com.